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We at Festoon Lighting Brisbane are a professional design and installation team specializing in outdoor festoon lighting. Our past gigs contain several events and buildings, including weddings, pop-ups, parties, bars, cafes, and more. We design lights specifically to match your event or business in City of Ipswich so that we can create the best mood for any occasion you desire.

We also do permanent installations in City of Ipswich such as backyards or in-house fixtures and can assist you with further classified listings on our website if needed.

Every celebration is a special occasion that we take great pride in and it’s our goal to get you the best rates and packages for your unique needs. To find out more about what services we have to meet your service requests, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 07 3555 8908 with any questions.

{lCity of Ipswich Festoon And Fairy Light Hire

Have you noticed how festoon and fairy lights are used by a majority of event venues these days? Lighting can make or break a get-together! There is much more to it these days than just candlelight. We’ve discovered that there are thousands of design options when it comes to indoor and outdoor lighting with dozens of light bulbs available to choose from while creating an exciting atmosphere at an event or party.

Set A Stunning Mood

String lights have an enchanting effect on any environment. Apart from their obvious aesthetic value, they’re required in many ways during a party: they will make your location in City of Ipswich look magnificent; they will ensure that people will feel the celebration in air; and they can even help set up a vibe that you want to create during your party. Our professional designers can help you not only select the most beauteous set of string lights (for both outdoors and indoors) but they can also provide you with the latest and most modern suggestions to other party décor items. 

Dry Rental

When organizing initial functions, most people tend to choose between two options in regards to their lighting hire. Either they can opt for something traditional like a simple festoon belt strung over the dinner table or else they might go for something more modern, raising the bar with a festoon light marquee instead.

In City of Ipswich we offer both, full hire and DIY hire (dry hire) options when it comes to LED festoon and fairy lights & equipment. Our DIY Hire is another service that is amazing for those who are looking to freshen up and DIY their festivities. All of your decor and festive lights are picked out for you, then later picked up by us.

Here’s how our DIY hire works:

  1. Message us via our contact form or give us a call on 07 3555 8908 to discuss the details of your event (possibly send us some pictures and dimensions to evaluate the needed length for your light strings)
  2. You’ll then receive a free quote from us, and if everything’s alright, we’ll have the festoon belts delivered to your doorstep
  3. Finally, after the event, we’ll pick up the lights. Easy as that!

City of IpswichStunning Wedding And Party Light Hire

It’s time to hire a lighting company that can create energy and ambiance for your guests in City of Ipswich. Our experienced team of event managers will help bring the best atmosphere for your next party, wedding, or celebration.

Lovely Wedding Lighting Rental

We are your one comprehensive store for providing specialty in wedding lighting. There’s no doubt about it that once the chatter dies down, the glowing lights go up, and your guests see everything you have to offer in terms of wedding decoration. They will immediately start to see the pattern with all of these creative displays together side by side, and it may become difficult for them to ignore your wedding images appearing beside them in their radiant richness. 

In other words: Our team of skilled electricians treats the art of wedding design with the same attention to detail while still giving you, the bride and groom, an opportunity to play a part in production!

Splendid Party Lighting Rental

Our experienced and expert festoon lighting specialists help you organize festive lights for every party purpose. We have a huge variety of decorations like crisp and tinkling festoons, patterned strings, twinkling fairy lights, outdoor lights among many others. The fairy lights are especially unique in that they give the mood an added zing! This would be the perfect way to uplift your night event whether it’s a birthday party or simply a garden party. With our inventive flair and your vision, we can make this happen together.

Commercial Lighting Permanent Installation City of Ipswich

Are you looking to add some excitement to your pub, bar, or restaurant? Trust our accomplished festoon lighting specialists who are experienced in setting up party lighting in gardens, bars, pubs, and cafes. It’ll give the perfect complement to your space. In addition to the temporary event lighting hire, we also offer long-term installations for places in City of Ipswich.

After messaging us, our team will be available to come to inspect your property and then work with you to give a competitive quote. After we see what else needs to be done to cheer up your lawn, we’ll arrange the installation with you.

Buy Festoon Belts in City of Ipswich

Festoon Lighting Brisbane has partnered up with the primary lighting supplier in the country. They are able to deliver beauteous festoon lights designed for all types of events. We make sure that only quality products are on offer at a reasonable and affordable price, so you’ll be confident that there won’t be any disappointments. Our deligent creative team will be more than happy to give you all the information that you need to know about our products.

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