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Outdoor Decorative Lighting For Commercial Spaces

Outdoor decorative lighting is a tried and tested way of bringing light to a certain area in your office or building, by using festoon lights. With our handy professionals to take over the installation process, you can be sure that you will get the best quality lighting design for your needs.

Festoon Lighting Brisbane is the city’s number one decorative lighting company. We’re your best choice for a wide range of commercial outdoor festoon light installations, to provide you with the best lighting for your business. We take pride in our technical team who are qualified and experienced to provide you with the most suitable venue lighting in Brisbane.

Commercial Festoon Light Installation Brisbane

Are you looking for a commercial festoon light installation in your restaurant or bar in Brisbane? Our outdoor festoon lighting can be an excellent choice for commercial buildings as it not only makes the building attractive, but can also improve security. Low-voltage commercial festoon lights (available in our shop) can save energy and last longer. They’re therefore the ideal choice for longterm use without breaking the bank. Coordinate with our electrical and mechanical design consultants for the best design choice.

With permanent accent lighting, you’ll be able to draw attention to particular elements, like signs and other landscaping features. Commercial festoon lighting installations can also highlight objects. Beside illuminating trees and buildings, Festoon Lighting Brisbane offers landscape lighting services as well. You can choose from many different designs to accent your outdoor space.

Indoor Permanent Festoon Light Installation

Our permanent festoon light installations are also available for indoor usage! They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and come in many different sizes and wattages. Whether you’re looking for colored light bulbs, which are especially popular for the holiday season, or an elegant accent lighting system above the bar or dining area, we recommend choosing our low-voltage LED bulbs. 

Our low-voltage festoon lights are our customers’ favourite choice of product as they’re not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly. Plus, they are shatterproof – thus perfectly safe for indoor use and high-traffic areas. They are a great way to add a nostalgic feel to any restaurant, bar, or pub. They are extremely versatile and can be easily installed. Need help? Get in touch with us, we’ll happily help you out!

Permanent Decorative Fairy Lights Installation Perth

If you live in Brisbane, installing permanent decorative fairy lights is certainly a popular way to brighten up the night. These lights are perfect to bring a magical sparkle to any home or business and have a wide variety of benefits. Adding them to your space will bring an awe-inspiring factor to the landscape. The best thing is that they’re very simple to install – our professional lighting team is happy to take the heavy loading off you to create a stunning permanent fairy lights installation for you.

Permanent Tree Fairy Lights

Permanent tree fairy lights are a magnificent way to add some magic and colour to your garden or backyard. Tree fairy lighting installations are a great way to brighten up green spaces and outdoor dining areas. In Brisbane, we install our permanent fairy lighting in a way that not only supports the natural growth of the trees but also extends their lifespan.

Our LED lights are incredibly durable and will last for years to come. Our product range includes both black and white fairy lights. They are designed to be both flexible and low maintenance thanks to UV-resistant cables, meaning the wires are protected from UV rays.

If you have ever dreamed of a permanent fairy tree installation in your garden outside the Christmas season, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. They work not only well on trees, but also on every patio, backyard, or pool and will add a magnificent atmosphere to any outdoor area.

Commercial Roof & Patio Fairy Lights

Festoon Lighting Brisbane’s range of decorative fairy lights is an excellent choice to bring life to your outdoor space. They are small bulbs that are suspended on a black or white wire, which can be hung up on roofs or patios. Our commercial roof and patio fairy lights can also be used to illuminate walls, fences, and columns. Creating a fairy light ceiling is another popular choice to create a starry night full of sparkle.

However, please be aware that they can break easily if not installed correctly by professionals. Our skilled electrical team will make sure to install these delicate lights to suit high-traffic areas. Reach out to us for more information on our long-lasting, energy-efficient commercial patio and roof fairy lighting.

Permanent Christmas Light Installation

Make sure you keep your customers coming back to your establishment with the help of a permanent Christmas lighting installation. Christmas lights installs are a great way of adding a touch of style or a themed look to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. Permanent festoon as well as fairy lighting is great for offering a very soft and ambient glow, lighting up the entrance of your business or even highlighting certain products. We have the best team to help you with your permanent Christmas installation in Brisbane.

Permanent Christmas Tree Light Installers for Outdoors in Brisbane

Looking to create a beautiful permanent Christmas tree light installation? 

Hire our professional team who serves in and around Brisbane. We’re experienced with climbing ladders and working on roofs and are bonded and insured. Bring the magical  holiday season into your outdoor space with the peace of mind that it’s handled by experienced professionals. 

We’ll make sure your permanent Christmas tree lights are lit in a way that attracts attention. We only use commercial-grade LED lights for our projects. Costs vary depending on the size of the tree, the number of lights needed and your location! Contact us for a quote on your next Christmas tree-lighting project. Make sure to contact us a few months before the holiday season so you can secure a great deal and a slot for a quick set-up.

Decorative Outdoor Lights For Home Owners

Lighting up your outdoor space is an easy, and effortless way to upgrade the aesthetic of your home while providing an extra sense of security. Not to mention, it gives you a clear view of your property so you can keep an eye on things. Do you need decorative outdoor lights for your home but not exactly sure what you’re looking for? Fill out the form to get in touch with our professional team for a free quote today! 

Decorative Garden Lights

If you’re interested in adding a new look to your garden, you should consider installing a variety of LED decorative lights for your home. Brightening up your outdoor area with decorative garden lights can be a great way to improve the beauty of your home. 

The first step our electricians make in installing permanent garden lights is to make sure the LEDs are safe and have the proper voltage. If necessary, we adjust the voltage of the lights using a transformer.

Together with our skilled lighting designers, we’ll create a stunning display in your garden, backyard, on your patio or even around your pool area.

Permanent Outdoor Decorative Tree Lighting

Consider installing permanent outdoor decorative tree lighting, if you’re looking to enhance your home’s outdoor space. The decorative string lights used in our permanent tree lighting installs emit a warm ambient shine that won’t overwhelm your space. They excellently complement larger landscape lighting designs, and they’re just as practical as they are awe-striking.

There are many reasons to choose us for your permanent outdoor decorative tree lights. Our string lights are durable and long lasting, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. On top of that, we offer a 12-months warranty on all our products, so in the unlike case of a bulb giving up before, we’ll happily change it out! 

Thanks to their IP-rating, they are also weather resistant, so you can leave them up all year round without worry. And, of course, they are quite simply beautiful. Our lights will add a touch of class and sophistication to your outdoor space that is sure to impress your guests.

Palm Tree Light Installation

Our palm tree light installation service is the perfect way to add cheer to your backyard. Not only are fairy lights fun during the festive season, but they can be a brilliant way to add life and colour to your exterior at any time of the year. Installing permanent palm tree lighting looks good on all trees, whether small or tall.

The LEDs are typically wrapped around the trunk of a palm tree. We usually start at the base and work our way upward. With the help of waterproof outdoor extension cords, we’ll make sure that the decorative string lights are safely connected to the power outlet.

DIY Permanent Outdoor Lights

Installing your own permanent outdoor lights can be a great way to save money and add value to your home. Not only will you be able to avoid the costs of hiring a professional, but you’ll also be able to customize your lighting system to perfectly suit your needs.

Not only will you save money by installing your own permanent outdoor lights, but you’ll also be able to add value to your home or business. A well-lit space is always more inviting and can even help to deter crime. By being in control of your own lighting, you’ll be able to create the perfect ambiance for your home, whether you’re entertaining guests or just relaxing after a long day.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your DIY permanent outdoor lighting project today! Contact our friendly support team or take a look at our shop for more details on our DIY lighting kits.

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