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Our Commercial Fairy Lighting For Sale

Black Fairy Lights Full Kit

From $159.00

30 Reviews

Black Fairy Lights 3m & 10m

From $32.00

4 Reviews

White Fairy Lights Full Kit

$159.00 $110.00

1 Review

White Fairy Lights 3m & 10m

$32.00 $22.00

9 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Lights for Trees

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Small


15 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Medium


23 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Large


10 Review

Outdoor Fairy Light Tree Extra Large


4 Reviews

Solar Fairy Lights

Outdoor Solar Fairy lights - Warm White

$55.00 $35.00

51 Reviews

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights – Cool White

$55.00 $35.00

51 Reviews

Fairy Lights Accessories

Fairy Light Splitter Black

From $19.00

7 Reviews

Fairy Light Splitter White

$29.00 $22.00

3 Reviews

24v LED Power Supplier

From $40.00

2 Reviews

24v Remote Control Fairy Lights (Dimmer)

$99.00 $89.00

1 Review

LED Fairy Lights for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Long Lasting Quality

We at Festoon Lighting Brisbane have teamed with the leading manufacturer of fairy lighting that are offered to our customers at a competitive price.  Buy our outdoor fairy lighting Australia-wide on our online store.

We set ourselves apart from any other supplier by only offering the highest quality products that are in-demand. We want you to feel good about what we offer because we truly stand behind them and know you will not be disappointed. Our friendly and skilled support team is available to answer any questions you might have. 

Outdoor LED Fairy Lighting That You'll Love!

Our outdoor led fairy lighting bears all a IP67 rating and is therefore both waterproof and weatherproof. They shine a beautiful warm white light blending in perfectly with all seasons. Our plug-in fairy lights are the ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor venues and spaces because they offer so many lovely uses. Best thing? Buy our dimmable fairy lights with the compatible remote control that we offer in our online store above.

IP67 Waterproof Fairy Lighting

Thanks to their IP67-rating, these warm white LED fairy lights survive rain and snow. The highly flexible LED fairy lighting kits are perfect for garden lighting and decoration projects like decorating streets or hanging in huge gardens!

UV-Resistant Cable

Due to Australia’s extreme temperature changes, we made sure to only offer products that are protected from this harsh weather by using double insulated cables. This feature protects sensitive electronic components from the damage inflicted by extreme UV rays in hot sunny periods.

Connectable Cable Pieces

Our commercial fairy lighting is usually used outdoors and come with waterproof connectors. Making it easy for you to create long lengths of 100m+. Moreover all our products are plug-in fairy lights perfect for every application in Australia.

Beautiful Places To Hang Your Fairy Party String Lights

It’s amazing how decorative fairy lighting can turn a beer garden, café courtyard, or weddings into something charming and inviting. Our line of LED fairy party string lights will turn your venue into something eye-catching and unforgettable. We’ll add some sparkle without the possible fire hazards of candles or gas lamps. Our fairy lights for outdoors can be attached to trees, wreaths, bushes, garlands and other accessories. With our products we guarantee safety and economical application in your next decor project.

A fairy light wedding reception is an essential element of any wedding. The perfect LED lighting will transform every outdoor wedding into a glamorous event. 

With the help of white fairy light canopies and curtains, we’ll create a wedding setting that looks straight out of your favourite movie scene. Just like a film set, you want to set the mood of your day with lighting that beautifully brings together the host of your theme via different colored lighting options selected to flatter everyone’s clothing attire as well as enhance your overall decor scheme. 

If you’re going for a black-tie event, creating an environment we like to call “Black Tie Lighting” will maximize dress-code aesthetics during daylight or nighttime by designing custom soft-light walls and draping canopies that adorn your venue for those gorgeous romantic movie-like shots!

Our commercial fairy lights are suitable for use outdoors and look great in restaurants, bistros, and on building exteriors alike. They come in two different color combinations, selectable between black cable or white cable, which are both IP67 rated and perfect for hardwearing environments such as outside or covered areas that may be exposed to water and dirt.

The right lighting solution doesn’t have to be a fixture. Our plugin fairy lights are a convenient way to light up any area of your home, whether it’s for professional or personal use. Since they don’t need much power, they can be used practically anywhere so you can make use of them in places like parties, weddings, and the workplace.

With the nice weather springing upon us, we often want to spend more time outdoors. During these warmer nights, fairy lighting is a great way to enhance an atmosphere and create an inviting ambiance for backyard living in your patio area.

Backyard fairy lights are the cute and versatile choice in lighting that can both add a little magic to any season and decorate your yard or home. Whether used on trees, bushes, or fences, fairy lights make brilliant displays of light that are sure to dazzle. And because fairy lights require only a small amount of power, as well as run for long periods of time before needing a charge-up, your wallet is safe with our environmentally-friendly products!

Garden fairy lights are like sprinkles or chocolate chips: they make everything better. In the midst of summer (or winter), you can decorate your garden with some fairy lights and put yourself into a relaxing state where you don’t have to think about much else but the breeze and your next drink.

They are the best way to transform your garden into an enchanted place all year long! Whether you choose to drape our lights on your house wall, like a fairy light canopy above your lounge area, or even in front of your home, they create a warm and magical ambiance. Garden fairy lights are very versatile and eco-friendly, which makes them the perfect use of some extra time without having to compromise your energy consumption!

Christmas fairy lights are a beautiful way to add seasonal flair, especially when they reflect the twinkle of holiday cheer! There’s only so much awe and excitement you can take when staring at a bare Christmas tree on the day it arrives home; why not turn the lights on and make your tree stand out from all the rest?

There’s something special that happens when Christmas fairy lights twinkle and they often transform a drab house into a dreamy, magical place. The times when you least feel like setting up a display are probably the best times to show your neighbors how much you care. Taking the time to decorate is an act of giving and one small decoration such as a warm-looking string of lights can add whimsy and make people smile.

Outdoor Fairy Lights Ideas

Ever wondered on how to hang fairy lights outside in your garden or for your backyard party? Here are 8 ideas on how you could create a sparkle and twinkle in your outdoor area:

Hanging Fairy Lights

Hanging fairy lights at wedding reception

Hanging fairy lighting is the perfect add-on for every wedding reception.

Fairy Light Marquee

Fairy light roof shining bright above the wedding dance floor

We’ll help you create a stunning fairy light marquee for every occasion!

Outdoor Fairy Lights For Trees

tree fairy lights wrapped around a tree at night

Whether for commercial or private application, we offer high-quality outdoor fairy lighting for trees that are long-lasting and sturdy!

Fairy Light Canopy

fairy light canopy twinkling above a wedding reception

Simply just magical! Fairy light canopies are the most popular choice for wedding receptions.

Fairy Light Ceiling

Magical ceiling fairy lights at wedding

A fairy light ceiling will transform your event from traditional to awe-striking for sure.

Fairy Light Wall

wall fairy light glistening in the evening

Fairy light walls make great photo backdrops at every event. Don’t miss out on that!

Christmas Fairy Light

Christmas fairy lights hanging in the walking street in the middle of the city center by night

Whether for commercial or private applications, Christmas fairy lighting is a must during the festive season.

Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy lights adorned in a white curtain

Create a fairy light curtain at your restaurant, bar, pub, or even at home to let guests know that they enter a different, worry-free world.

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