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Buy Outdoor Commercial LED Festoon Lights in Brisbane

Outdoor festoon lights for sale – DIY and permanent installs with long-lasting, shatter-proof, and weatherproof string lights.

Standard Voltage Outdoor Festoon Lighting

LED Festoon Lights x
100cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $129.00

58 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights x
50cm Light Bulb Spacing

$299.00 $199.00

52 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights x
100cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $129.00

17 Reviews

LED Festoon Lights x
50cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $239.00

9 Reviews

Low Voltage Outdoor Festoon Lighting

Low Voltage Festoon Lights
x 100cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $199.00

46 Reviews

Low Voltage Festoon Lights
x 50cm Light Bulb Spacing

$319.00 $299.00

45 Reviews

Low Voltage Festoon Lights
x 100cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $199.00

15 Reviews

Low Voltage Festoon Lights
x 50cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $319.00

11 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lighting

Solar Festoon Lights
x 100cm Light Bulb Spacing

$110.00 $100.00

22 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 50cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $209.00

32 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 100cm Light Bulb Spacing

$129.00 $119.00

44 Reviews

Hanging Festoon Lights
x 50cm Light Bulb Spacing

From $209.00

21 Reviews

Lighting Accessories

Festoon Light Extension Cable

From $15.00

2 Reviews

Festoon Light Splitter Cable

From $19.00

7 Reviews

Festoon Bulb Dropper Cable

From $10.00

21 Reviews

24v Festoon Lights Dimmer

$99.00 $89.00

1 Review

Indoor & Outdoor Festoon Lights For Commercial And Home Application

Commercial Festoon Lights Supply

Permanent Festoon Lights Installs

We’ve teamed up with Australia’s biggest festoon lighting supplier to provide our customers with commercial grade festoon lighting at the most competitive prices. Setting ourselves apart from other suppliers in Brisbane, we cater to residential, trade and wholesale companies, along with design advice and excellent customer support. Call us today to speak with a lighting professional and buy festoon lighting from the best in the country.

Buy Outdoor Festoon Lights For Commercial Use

Our lighting company the city’s go-to company for the supply and installation of commercial-grade outdoor festoon lighting.

Our team has worked in the electrical and decorative lighting industry for over five years, with a vast portfolio of commercial projects, and had the pleasure of transforming some of Brisbane’s most notable businesses and even illuminated public spaces through local council works.

Our licensed electrical tradesmen closely monitor every detail of their work and are unsurpassed in keeping up with job speed demands. We’re licensed and insured to deal with high voltage wiring as well as receiving special training for working with heights and equipment that’s used in public spaces.

string lights cross design

Can I Use Commercial Festoon Lights Indoor?

Yes, all our products can be used as indoor festoon lighting, too! Whether you’re looking to add a touch of ambiance to your home or want to make a statement at your next party, both our black and white festoon lights are a great option. 

Purchase our indoor festoon lights with dimmer control remote, so you can find the perfect look to match your decor. Just be sure to use the proper type of bulb – standard voltage or low voltage as to your expectations. Read more below.

Are LED Solar Festoon Lights Worth Buying?

Decorative solar festoon lights for outdoors have a lot of advantages. They are easy to install and are powered by a rechargeable battery. They are environmentally friendly, will only light up at night, and will save you electricity cost over the long run. You can set up these decorative solar lights on your deck, illuminate furniture on your patio, or hang them as a substitute for ceiling lamps anywhere you please. Purchase decorative solar garden lights to not only save energy but also go a little greener.

The great thing about our decorative outdoor solar festoon lights? Our solar festoon lighting is made of the highest quality available on the market and will last you for years to come without breaking down like most low-quality lights available on the market. Plus we offer a 12-months warranty on all our products to guarantee your satisfaction!

Create A Variety Of Styles With Black & White Festoon Lighting

White Festoon Lights

Purchase white festoon lights which are perfect for any festive occasion… especially for white weddings! 

String them up on a rose arch, above the reception area as a white festoon lighting canopy, or as a romantic path light to guide the way to the altar. Add a warm and inviting glow and transform your special day into an unforgettable event.

Black Festoon Lights

There’s something about black festoon lighting that just oozes sophistication and elegance. Whether they’re draped across a patio or strung up in a chic loft apartment, they always seem to add a touch of class to the setting. And while they may be a bit more understated than some of the white festoon lights, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re any less eye-catching. When lit up, the black cords really stand out against their surroundings, making them a great choice for any setting that you want to add a bit of drama to.

Adjust The Brightness With Connectable & Dimmable Festoon Lights

Dimmable Festoon Lighting

Dimmable festoon lights are perfect for setting the mood at any event. Whether you’re hosting a party, hosting a wedding, or simply trying to add a little ambiance to your home, these LED lights are sure to do the trick. With the ability to adjust the brightness of the light, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Connectable Festoon Lighting

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to light up your next party or event, consider purchasing connectable festoon lights. These LED lights are easy to set up and take down, and they can be connected to create a variety of different lengths and lighting effects.

Why Our Festoon Party String Lights?

Our commercial festoon lights, including the light bulbs, have been constructed for long-term installations and are ready to be put up as either permanent party string lights or hanging festoon lights outdoor. Our waterproof festoon lights have received an IP44 rating, and they’re specifically tested and certified suitable for year-round outdoor use.

All of our products are designed to follow strict outdoor safety standards, are available with replaceable light bulbs and come with an environmentally-friendly setup. This way, you get a nice warm white glow that will last you 30,000 hours!

festoon lights in winter time

Replaceable Light Bulbs

IP44 Waterproof Festoon Lights

Shatterproof Light Bulbs

Insulated UV-Resistant

50 & 100cm Bulb Spacing

Connectable Festoon Lights

Our replaceable Festoon Light Bulbs can not be compared with other incandescent bulbs! Other incandescent bulbs, which have an average lifespan of less than 1,000 hours, use ten times more electricity than LED light bulbs. Our weatherproof festoon lighting lasts for over 25,000 hours more than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. That’s a lot of light, and it makes them a great option for low-energy households and businesses. And should one of our globes reaches its life-time, simply screw it out and replace it!

Our commercial-grade lighting products are undeniably the best option for external use. The waterproof festoon party string lights with outdoor IP44 rating have been built to withstand the toughest of Australia’s weather conditions and will preserve a luxurious appearance throughout years of continuous use. They come with a white cable or a black cable depending on the theme of your event.

Our weatherproof festoon party string lights have shock-resistant bulbs that are perfect for every outdoor celebration. This means that they are resistant to damage when dropped from higher heights or when accidentally knocked over. The warm white festoon lights offer a low-energy usage thanks to their efficient LED technology.

Getting a hot country like Australia, one that is influenced by high outdoor temperatures has to be able to endure some extreme temperature changes. That’s why we only provide special double-insulated cables that protect from damaging UV-rays. Our LED festoon lights come with either a white cable or a black cable depending on your next event theme!

Choose from our range of LED festoon light bulbs with either 50cm or 100cm light bulb spacing. The 50cm spacing is guaranteed to make any space feel brighter when compared to the 100 cm spacing of the traditional bulb. Both are however stunning alike and will set the mood in any space.

Our connectable party string lights come with connections that are easy to install. Mix and match the cables and accessories by using our quick connect system, available for all of our products. You can customize your lighting scheme any way you see fit with this seamless modular system.

Do You Offer Fairy Lights?

wall fairy light glistening in the evening

Yes, we offer IP67-rated, outdoor commercial LED fairy lights in our Fairy Light Shop, too!

Whether you’re looking to decorate your outdoor Christmas tree, your porch or other area of your home, we’ve got the lights you need! You can rest easy knowing that our LED lights are safe to use outside. They are waterproof and have been rated as IP67. This means that they’ll keep working in damp conditions outdoor. They’re also resistant to extreme temperatures! 

All of our lights are fun and safe for kids to use and you can use them for more than just Christmas. They make awesome party lights or can be used to add a little flair to any room in your home!

Are you looking for a quote on installing LED festoon lighting at home, at your event, or commercial premises?

Are you looking to buy festoon party string lighting to use at home, at your event, or commercial premises? Reach out to contact our team of designers who is more than happy to consult you.

Standard Voltage & Low-Voltage Options

All of our commercial festoon lighting systems are delivered with LED light bulbs and are both waterproof and shatter-resistant – perfect for outdoor use! They’re both ideal for both, commercial and private use and will certainly enhance every space they’re placed in.

However, they do offer a slight difference in usage: 

Standard Voltage
240V Festoon Lights

The standard voltage light bulbs are waterproof, shatter-resistant and connectable and are highly rated by our customers. They’re ideal for private and residential use as this system easily plugs into a standard power outlet.

So if you’re looking for a bright solution to occasionally light up your garden and lounge parties outside or even inside in your living area, these standard voltage festoon lights are the perfect addition to your home or office!

string lights cross design

24V Festoon Lights

The low-voltage light bulbs which are like the standard bulbs waterproof, shatter-resistant and connectable.  These LED lights are ideal for commercial use as they’re an excellent choice if you plan to install them long-term. 

24V festoon lighting is more energy-efficient than standard bulbs and have a longer life-span when in full-time use. We supply our low-voltage festoon lighting with a driver that reduces the power from 240v to 24V so it’s safer if water was somehow to get into the light.

Customisable Lengths For All Events

Outdoor festoon lighting is a popular choice, and they come in a variety of lengths and sizes. You can choose from long strands of LED lights that hang down, or shorter strands that are perfect for wrapping around trees or columns. You can also buy festoon party string lights in different colors, so you can create a custom look for your outdoor space.

Not sure whether you need 50m or 100m festoon lights to create that beautiful canopy at your event? Simply reach out and give us a call on 07 3555 8908 and we’ll be there to help you!

What could you do with 10m festoon lights?

You could be thinking about ways to improve the appearance of your garden or home with our lights, which have a range of different settings. You can use them to illuminate your garden at night, decorate your patio or increase security in your home. These string lights come with either 10 or 20 replaceable LED globes. The string lights can be bought with a 100 cm or 50 cm globe spacing.

What can be done with 20m festoon lights?

There are a lot of things that can be done with 20m festoon lights. For example, they can be used to decorate a party or event space, to create a romantic ambiance, or to add a touch of whimsy to any setting. With a little creativity, you can transform any space into something truly magical.

Our 20m festoon lighting kits include 20 or 40 light bulbs with either 50cm or 100m spacing in between the bulbs. We also offer a dimmer remote control that can be used for an atmospheric lounge area or over your pool area.

Are 30m right for me?

You can never go wrong with festoon party string lights. The bulbs look like stars in the sky and come in a variety of colours. They make any occasion extra special and you can use them in so many different ways. This is especially useful in a party environment.

Our 30m festoon lighting kit, includes either 30 (100cm spacing) or 60 (50cm spacing) shatterproof light bulbs.

The right length for you will depend on your space available and in which pattern, you would like to hang the lights up. For example, you can hang them from the ceiling to create a disco atmosphere or simply use them as mood lighting in your cafe or restaurant. They also look great when placed around the pool or when draped over the outside of a house.

40m festoon lights are great for illuminating places with many corners like offices and schools. They have a small, round or teardrop bulb shape.

Our string lighting sets have 40 or 80 bulbs depending on the bulb spacing. With 100cm spacing you’ll get 40 globes on one festoon belt and with 50cm spacing 80 globes.

They’re small enough to fit in tight spaces like cubicles, but they’re bright enough to illuminate the entire large space. There are small holes at the base of the lights that allow you to secure them to a surface. You can also secure them by using nails or screws. Then, you can simply plug a power cord into the wall and place it in an outlet. And, you’re good to go!

You can use these 50m festoon lighting kits to light up areas in your home or even the outside of your home. They are weatherproof, bright and illuminate areas well. Our festoon party string lights are great for lighting hallways and gardens, as well as less-trafficked areas. You can also use them to cover up areas in your house with exposed wires.

Our 50m festoon party string lights comes with either 50 or 100 light globes, available with a white cable or black cable to blend in perfectly with your pergola.

They are easy to install and are relatively hassle-free. They are great for long-term lighting solutions and they don’t cost much. The weatherproof connectables allow you to create different lengths that will blend in with the rest of your decoration.

60m festoon lights are long enough to decorate a medium-sized event, such as a wedding or a birthday! Thanks to the waterproof connectables you’ll be able to create a zig-zag patterns even outdoors!

This festoon party string lighting kit comes with either 60 (100cm spacing) or 120 (50cm spacing) warm white light bulbs. They’re also available with white festoon light bulbs, perfect for white themed events.

Did you know that they include waterproof connectables? All our lighting kits come in 10m lengths that can be customised at any length thanks to the easy-to-use connectables.

Set the mood for your next big event or gathering with our 100m festoon lights set.

Did we mention that they come with waterproof connectables? All our lights come in 10m lengths that are easy to connect to create a customised length for any occasion.

With 100 (100cm spacing) or 200 (50cm spacing) festoon bulbs, choose between low-voltage or standard voltage. 100 meters are perfect for creating mesmerizing lighting designs at larger venues and can also be used for restaurants and cafes with a bigger garden or yard. This lighting set is available with white cable or black cable to blend in perfectly with your theme.

These dependable lights can be easily plugged in into any regular power outlet and are thus ideal for commercial installations. The light bulbs are water resistant thanks to their IP44 rating.

Our festoon party string lights are easy to set up and require no wiring so you can easily take them down and store them away when not in use. These lights are bound to add a fun touch to any occasion and will provide you with hours of decoration.

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